Kaino Knit Factory



KAINO is a high quality Finnish knitwear brand

KAINO knitting and sewing factory are all situated in Satakunta county, in Säkylä municipality and in Köyliö village. KAINO is positively rare exception, as the Finnish textile production of this extent is hardly existing anymore. This Finnish production is an important value for KAINO and we want to preserve it also in future. All the work from designing and knitting to cutting, sewing and finishing are done in KAINO knitting factory in Köyliö.

As we make our own products, it is possible to tailor our knitwear. Thus, each customer can be served individually, if needed. This supports the sustainability of which we value: the garment that is fit for you, will be worn. We also repair and service our customers KAINO knits. This service will also be available to purchase on our online store in the near future.

By making our products ourselves we can be sure of the origin, high quality and durability as well as sustainability of our knits. Here in KAINO, our team is designing and manufacturing all the KAINO knitwear:



High quality and durable knitwear are made by professional hands


In KAINO we are grateful to every customer who chooses our clothes. It's great that people want to get genuinely Finnish, timeless and durable clothes. We believe that in the future, more and more people will choose a sustainable and high quality alternative to low-cost clothing.

By choosing KAINO, You'll choose work for us — and indirectly to our Finnish retailers, business partners and supplementary material producers. You will also enable sustainably manufactured textile industry in Finland. Every decision makes a difference.

Give us feedback. We are grateful for all the feedback, good and bad. It helps us to do our work better. Thank You!